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Hatyai University
HU is located at 125/502 Polpichai Road, Tambon Korhong, Hatyai, Songkhla. HU occupied an area of 102 Rai 2 Ngan 90.3 (wah2) HU is far away from Pethkasem Road about 1 kilometer and close to the water supply. The entrance is adjacent to Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group in the north, and adjoining the four-lane highway connecting Hatyai-Chana.
Hatyai University is truly a university in the park. Its natural surroundings are conductive to the development of learning both inside and outside the classroom. The university has been especially designed to be in harmony with nature. It offers a friendly, supportive atmosphere for the intellectual, social and physical development of the university community.
Almost 80% of the food sold here are halal. Apart from the list, there are a lot of hawker food around Hat Yai city that serves halal food. Therefore you don’t have to worry much about the food there.
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Klonghae Floating Market
Klonghae Floating Market is located in Khlong Hae in Hat Yai. To get there you can take local transport from Hat Yai City.
At the floating market vendors pack their wares onto small boats and jostle with each other for the attention of buyers alongside canals. There is large number of vendors selling a big variety of local Thai food and snacks.
The market also has a campaign for the environment as the sellers use bamboo tubes, coconut shells, and clay pots instead of using plastic bags or foam boxes.

Lee Garden
Lee Garden Plaza – The most popular mall for Thai teenagers. Restaurants include Sizzler, Swensens, McDonalds and Fuji among others. Shops inside sell books, clothes, mobile phones and souvenirs. There is a multiplex cinema and a games complex which also includes Karaoke booths.
There are no big supermarkets or department stores. Most visitors to Dannok only stay for a short time. You can find the ubiquitous 7-Eleven stores that are found all over Thailand, as well as other small shops and stalls.
There is a large Duty Free shopping centre on the piece of land between Thailand and Malaysia which is possible to visit without leaving Thailand. Whether prices are actually cheaper than elsewhere is queastionable, so check first.
You should be able to get anything for your basic needs but generally people don’t go to Dannok to shop.


Dannok is a small town on the Thai/Malaysian border located in the Sadao district of Songkhla province, not far away from Hat Yai. It is so insignificant that it doesn’t feature on my large map of Thailand.
Quite a lot of para-rubber is grown in Sadao but the area has no natural attractions and there is nothing much that is culturally interesting; certainly not in Dannok. To be honest, Dannok is one of the most unattractive towns I have ever been to in Thailand.

Hat Yai Prayer Time
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List of Halal Restaurants and Hotels in Thailand

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